Drawing Worksheets

Drawing Worksheets

Grid Drawing worksheets by Art Instructor Michael Thoenes.

The JumboSmart Drawing worksheets are designed to be an engaging way to build your skill level in drawing. They are suitable for all ages and grade levels. Below are some free printable worksheet downloads and an explanation of how to use them. You may also enjoy our sister site “How-to-Draw-and-Paint-Smart.com”

Imaging if we expected a writer to write the perfect manuscript on the first try or if we expected a young musician to play a piece of music perfectly the first time he or she read the music.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it! Well, young artist often expect that their first attempts must be perfect when they are learning how to draw. I have found that I often need to draw and redraw a subject several times before I get it right.  How about we give ourselves a break and accept the fact that learning how to draw takes practice.  Drawing takes training our mind to see and then draw what “we see” instead of  “what we think we see.”

So how do you learn to see and draw what you see?

Here’s how it works.





Each Drawing Worksheet set comes in 3 levels of difficulty.

Level 1: Tracing to learn the shapes and train the hand: Trace the subject to become familiar with its form and outlines. Take time time to observe carefully. Explore the shapes and curves of the subject. The young beginner can use the sheet as a coloring page and simple color the subject and perhaps practice following the outline of the shapes.

Level 2: Grid Drawing Worksheet: Now that you are familiar with the subject, use the Level 2 worksheet to to draw the subject using the guides to help you get the proportions right. If you find at first you don’t succeed, print off another sheet and try again. Focus on one box of the grid at a time. This process is about learning to see and draw. Mistakes are expected and necessary when learning to draw. A good trick is to try turning the paper upside down or perhaps sideways. This can help you focus on what you see rather than what you think you see. Sounds weird I know, but it really works. Try it!

Level 3: Freehand Drawing: After practicing with the grid, you are ready to try drawing in an open space. You may want to imagine the grid or lightly pencil in some guidelines yourself. Trust me, professional artist do it, you can too. It’s not cheating to give yourself some guides to help you out, just don’t make them so dark you can’t erase them later.

Drawing Challenge: After practicing with the sheets, try drawing the subject on a blank piece of paper. By now you have drawn the subject several times and will have some visual memory of the subjet. You should still look at he subject for reference though. See if you can make it fit on the paper without going off the edge or draw the subject in different sizes if you like or place it in a scene from your imagination. You are well on your way to becoming an exceptional artist if you continue to practice.

Developing your God-given gifts is more than smart, its JumboSmart!

Michael Thoenes

Download Printable Worksheets Below

Learn How to Draw God’s Creatures Large and Small:


draw-ladybug-seticon draw-horse-2-seticon greensquare deeporangesquare deeperorangesquare brownsquare
DownloadLady bugDrawing Worksheet


DownloadHorseDrawing Worksheet



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